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Hosting Made Simple

Hosting is where your website lives, your Internet address where people can find your information and visit regularly. IllianaDesign has partnered with a global hosting company to provide premium hosting services for our clients. Our hosting provider has data centers …

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Wordpress Social Media Blog Website

Why WordPress?

WordPress is currently the ‘go-to’ platform for anyone trying to build a presence on the Internet that is efficient and simple to learn. We specialize in simplicity for our clients because, at the end of the day, managing a website …

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Who We Are

IllianaDesign has been serving east central Illinois for nearly 15 years now. We started as employees with a local ISP in Paris Illinois. When that business sold we inherited the web hosting clientele and decided to make a go at …

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Email Hosting

Domain branded email addresses Powered by our dedicated email hosting services Modern and powerful Webmail interface Compatible with any POP3 or IMAP email client Essential Antivirus and SPAM filtering included 10, 25 or 50GB storage options. Starts at $12/account/year

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Domain Registration

Register your domain with us for less! Transfer your domain to us and save on your next renewal! New Top Level Domains .reviews, .email, .social, .ninja, .rocks Traditional Top Level Domains .com, .net, .org, .co Domain Renewal combined with a …

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